After almost 4 days struggling with those viruses, finally…

I came to the office with a strong opinion that I’m BETTER!

It’s funny how the universe works with U as a team…

Last night, I had my insomnia (again) being kept awake until 2 o’clock in the morning

then, tried to make myself sleepy by reading THE SECRET and,… VOILA!

halaman yang langsung kebuka adalah halaman tentang KESEHATAN….

mang boleh…

well, intinya…

as long as you think that you are healthy, then your body will follow!

yup… selama lo PIKIR lo SEHAT… and you’ll be!

hehehehe…. makanya, sekarang gue nyantai aja dan berpikir kalo gue sehat… hehehhe

and here I am.. back to the world…


One thought on “Better…

  1. allow ne…
    jadi sekarang dah sehat kan??!!? :p
    ne, gw masukkin link di blog loe ini ke gw yah..

    *jangan lupa undagan.. šŸ˜€

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