Loving You –D’ Cinnamons-

Loving You –D’ Cinnamons-

Ring ring

It’s you again

Hurt pops

I love to hear you

It’s been all day

I’ve been waiting for you



You call my name

So much story you share with me

You said a lot to me about, girls

Oh it’s so nice



And every beauty things they did to you

Don’t stop n tell me more



Loving you is hurt sometimes

I am standing here

You just dont buy

I’m always there

You just dont feel, or…

You just dont wanna feel

Don’t wanna be hurt that way

It doesn’t mean I’m givin up

I wanna give you

More and more and more


Knock knock

You came around

Heart pops

I love to see you

It’s been two years since I am in love with u


Bam bam

You break my heart

You said girl i’m in love with her

But it’s alright

I am still alive

Here.. here..


And all the beauty things she did to you

Don’t stop and tell me more


back to [Reff]


And when I see that smile upon your face

Deep in your eyes u had it all

And when I hear your super electrical voices

Yee ooh yeah




I used to think that to love someone, but he has no feeling as the way I feel to him is a great suffer.

Then I asked Allah to give me a chance to beloved by someone.

Then Allah gave me that chance…

Being loved…

Well I’m just an ordinary human being who has never satisfied of anything.

I found being loved by someone whom I don’t love is another great suffer…

So then I asked Allah again to give me a chance to have a spouse who loves me and I love him back (loving each other)

Maybe now Allah gives me that chance… including the obstacles… my friend, my own pride and our own egos…




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