Road to Davao: H-7

Road to Davao: H-7

June 14th, 2010

Road to Davao: H-7

Arrived at SEAMEO SEAMOLEC,-Pondok Cabe,  and start the first day there.

So far, several things has been done:

1. Passport? done

2. Visa: is being processed

3. Work plan: is being written

4. Learning material: is being composed

Until today, the tasks have to be done in Davao are:

1. Make an Indonesian-English-Filipino which contains 14000 words

2. Make a tourism guide, based on those three languages also

The points are: tasks, tasks, and tasks…

One thing for sure that I’m being sent to Davao for working, not only for having fun… alhamdulillah.. ^_^

This is my dream, and this is what am I willing for in my prayers… now… I’m heading to it… hope Allah still give me trust and strength to finish those tasks…

To all my friends, thank you for letting me know that you guys are always there and support me… I’m so lucky to have you!


2 thoughts on “Road to Davao: H-7

    1. heheh..iya gan
      makasih banget ya ..

      sepertinya kembali berkutat dengan stream file lagi yang dibaca per karakter ituh.. dan RMS… O.M.G…

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