Road to Davao: H-5

Road to Davao: H-5

June 16th… Wednesday

The rain is still pouring down since early in the morning

Starting the day by sending the letter from sponsor to my institution..give them a notification that I won’t go there again along the next 2 months since I had another task from the sponsor.. hehe… seems that the sponsor had the absolute power to decide where am I going to…, indeed.

The journey to the sponsor’s office was another struggle… many roads are still under re-construction.. so I oftenly keep turning back and find another way to reach my destination

@sponsor office

Nothing’s changed.. still spending time by coding and shaping the sense of game making… met “suhu omelet” and “suhu kk”, hehehe.. no offense, ya agan agan… ^_^

got the source code of making the sea dictionary and tourism guide…

ask the previous team member which was sent to Cambodia last year…

had a sneak peak and precious information from a friend, who’s still in Lao right now

got curious about Seaedunet…

and… still doesn’t get why rubic is so attractive to several people.. hahaha

and the most precious thing today was… he came and brought gifts and souvenirs from Bali… huhuy!!!

I love you even more than before, sayang… ^_^

Gracias, te a mo… 🙂


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