Road to Davao: H-6

Road to Davao: H-6

Heading to Davao in 6 days

2nd day @sponsor office gave me a new view of working
In here, people hold more than 2 jobs, I guess..
or mbak Nanti and I used to call it: Multitasking, and it’s a custom here.

No wonder the staffs are here and there… (spreaded everywhere), and sometimes they don’t know where are they being tasked for the next day…

In here, everything is a sudden… I don’t know if this is true or not..
but, that’s my opinion. CMIIW plz ^_^

Back to the Davao plan
What I’ve been done today is just struggling to make friends with those Sprites, Tiled Layers, etc…

Going home from pd cabe, I was poured by the rain.. heavy rain, actually

Went to Baraya first, took the package from my best friend in Bandung (thx for your sweat, danker…. ^_^) and arrived save in my house…

huft, finally…


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