Road To Davao: H-4

Road To Davao: H-4

June 17th, 2010

While on my way to sponsor office, my star was ringing. It was my partner,
she told me to better get hurry because we had to go to Filipine embassy to apply a visa T_T
shocked, overwhelmed and unspokenly mad…
I pushed 5ely to run faster.

@sponsor office
Mr. abeng had waited for me and asked me to ride on his bike to go to Filipine embassy
I parked my bike, and jump onto his bike.. hehehe
while my two other partners had went to the embassy by car
On the next 25 minutes we’re @ Jl. Denpasar, Kuningan
And he got confused about the address of Filipine Embassy
Thanks to my star which had Googlemaps in it. In a short time we can find it

@ Filipine embassy
nervous, sweated and overwhelmed.
The two security guards pleased me to enter the embassy
one of the security gave me form to be filled in.
Still trembled, I filled the application form(s)
Around the next two hours, me, my other two partners had our forms, passports and other papers needed for applying visa
we gave those papers to the embassy.

@sponsor office (again)
build a workplan about the activity in Filipine for the next two months
and.. got BLANK… B.L.A.N.K
I opened irfan’s workplan and got enlightened.. hahaha
well, adopting his workplan, we did it.
Me, rani and hilmy
Got nervous when we realize how many the tasks are… hehehehe
but.. Jia You..!! semangat lah… !!!

after the workplan,
we asked Yudi to teach us how to install and maintain the SeaEduNet network

start from installing the hardwares, the softwares and configuring them.

spreading the installer CDs

television, used to check the receiving quality and channels


Above all these things,
I found networking is still a lot more interesting than programming, unless the sweating thing.. hehehe
we hope we can learn pointing tomorrow…


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