2 Days in Digos City National High School

2 Days in Digos City National High School

On July 31-Agust 1st we were in the Digos City National High School.

It’s located in Rizal Avenue, Davao del Sur, Davao, Philippines.

This school has ±10.000 students, with 275 teachers.

This huge school was very wide and located at the heart of the Digos City.

At this chance, we separate the training for the teachers and the students. The teachers were guided by Mr. Yos and Hilmy. While the students were with me and Rani.

Those two days were marvelous. They were very friendly and fast learners.

Unfortunately, the time is very limited.

But in that short time, we can cooperate together to build the VOC (Voice On Cellphone) mobile application.

The students were excited to join in the project. Those humble and owner of the beautiful voices are:

  1. Lord Shem : voice in Food
  2. Cecelle : voice in Introduction
  3. Fionah : voice in Introduction
  4. Hiroko: voice in Food
  5. Adrian: voice in Direction










They were all friendly and so cooperative. We really enjoy worked it with them.

In this 2-days training, the students were able to make a simple mobile application using the J2ME. They made the mobile learning modules according to their interest.

Some of their modules are:

With the limited hardware, designing software and time, they are very excited to develop mobile application.


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