Welcome Home

Welcome Home

Welcome home is a statement for me for coming back to the motherland… Indonesia…
I will miss the things I left in Davao
I will miss the jeepney, “bayaddaw”  expression, tricycle, and kinilaw… not mention the full grain bread @the corner of the street near HOI
well, sorry to say but I’m home now
in my motherland, Indonesia…
For all of my journeys, my home trip was  crazy
Arrived at the Davao International Airport, I found my baggage was excessive from its standard weight… so we have to pay the fee for about 1800 Pesos… T_T’
then, we flew to Manila…
Arrived in Manila, we met the student of Mr. Yos’  who worked in Indonesian Embassy in Makati, Manila
She came with her husband and daughter. She was very nice, she took us for break the fasting in a pasta restaurant @ the fourth floor in the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.
After that, we pray in the muslim prayer room @ the 3rd floor (that was first time for us to pray in the public prayer room in Philippines)
Time was so fast until we didn’t notice the counter for our flight has opened. We checked in around 7:30
The counter personnel was so improfessional
Before served us, she just kept talking with her friends beside her booth. And she didn’t even noticed we were there.
When she did, she just kept serve the other customer who was not on the line before us.. how rude!
I put our “4 passports” on the counter desk
just a moment later, she took it. After that, she gave a pack of passports to the other customer (a man) before us who was not on the line before us.
Then, the most unbearable thing happened: She looked for the “2 passports” of us while asked us innocently.
her: “How many of you? two??”
me: “We are four, mam”
her:”Why there’s only two of your passports?”
me: “I gave you FOUR just before”
I was trying to hold my breath when she started to ask her partner on the side of the booth about the other two passports
And then I realized she must be mistakenly given two of our passports to the man before us.
I was trying to tell her about that when she realized it also, and then she ran off from her booth, tried to chase the man.
Me? I was burnt inside. How could a silly thing happened in an international flight counter?????
could she ever imagined if she lost our passports????
Finally, she ran over back to us with the “missing-two-passport”
Huuft… I was almost sue her….
Then, the next thing began…
Our baggage was excessive… and so, we have to pay (again) ten more times than in Davao… could you imagine that? huuuuuufftt!!
Well, we’ve had no choices..
The result was, we have no more peso left. All we had just dollars.
After checked in, I went to the nearest forex counter @ the corner on the 3rd floor.
Then… a board shocked me “TEMPORARILY CLOSED”
I ran over the counter and plea
Me: “Can I exchange this into pesos?”
Forex personnel (FP): (without even looked at me) “Sorry, Ma’am. we’re closed”
Me: “please, we ran out of our pesos and we need them to pay our airport tax”
FP: (Sigh) “Ma’am, can’t you read that. WE ARE CLOSED! we’ll reopen at nine”
Me: “I know, but please. Do me a favor. At nine my flight will be gone already”
FP:(grumbling impatiently) “FYI, maam. The airport tax counter will accept your dollars. no need to exchange it into peso”
Grumbling, I left the not-so-friendly forex counter and go to my team to take them to the tax counter. If she knew it, why she didn’t just speak to me before? huf…
I told Mr. Yos what happened and he just smiled then walk with me… sigh….
At the airport tax counter, we can pay in dollars. But then another thing came. She didn’t have the change in dollars. But then she was so kind and asked whether was it okay for us to be changed with pesos? we surely do. So, we gave her a hundred dollars, and she gave the changed about six hundred in pesos.. what a weird transaction… hehehhe
Then.. the immigration counter.
It was so crowded. I saw the boarding pass. We only have time 7 minutes left for boarding…
Someone from cebu called the passenger for Jkt and KL. We raised our hands. And there we were.. she found us at the back row on the line…
She asked a favor to the people on the front line to gave us a chance to be forwarded. And you know what?
The guy refused furiously… well, we knew it was our faults to not be there sooner. And we just kept silent
Fortunately, the immigration staff kindly open another counter to serve us.
We passed the immigration counter and ran as fast as we could to the boarding gate.
Regardless the heavy backpacks we carried… We ran while we heard our names called one by one by the Cebu staffs. We were laughing heard our names broadcasted troughout the airport.
Could you imagine? We arrived at 15:50 in the NAIA, for the next flight at 20:55 to Jakarta.. but we had ourselves lefted??? how ridiculous it will be if it happens… hahaha
Eventually, we reached the plane… just a couple of minutes before the door shutted.
All the passengers inside were staring at us.. while we were looking for the seat… which was… at the back of the plane… seat no 27!!!
the last row… huahahahahha… so we have them wrapped.
The plane took off… and we had the best sleep ever along the flight.
Arrived at soetta @23:45…
We just like a homeless drifter in the airport
With big luggages in the cart.
We were waiting for the dawn..
After ate suhoor in a fast food resto, pray shubuh… we slept beside our carts… and waiting for the bus…
For all the things we through..
I’m very grateful for the chance
For the precious experiences from Jakarta-Manila-Davao-Manila-Jakarta again
it was a very momental trip for me…
For the KJRI staffs; Mr. Bernard, Mr. Soehardi,Mr. Edgar… thank you for being so generous to us.
Mbak Cathrina and Mbak Meis.. thank you for being our family in HOI-the best ever!
and the last but not least….The SEAMOLEC DAVAO Team:
Mr. Yos, Rani and Hilmy..
thank you for everything… I’m very sorry if I ever had let you guys down..
Hope our friendship lasts forever..
For all: Maraming salamat po sa inyong lahat!

2 thoughts on “Welcome Home

    1. hehe.. ya iyyalah… yang dieskpos khan enak2nya aja… yang nggak enak ya kasih ke tong sampah … wkwkwkw 😛

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