save the ears

Things changed

I knew that I don’t have a great family to be proud of

I knew that I did not have a great parents to set as a role model

I knew… and I still remember every details of the fights..

The wound, the scar..

This wound has not dry yet… not even dry..

But how could he put another salt in it?

I don’t even have the scar yet because I have not found any cure for this wound…

It still had me like a living dead body

Yes, I smiled.

Yes, I laughed.

broken family

And for God sake, yes I cried…

But my tears were not as much as my mom’s.

The latest wound has not been healed YET but then you came again to hurt us.

And I don’t know for how many times more…

I pray to God to give me strength…

I pray and I wished that for just a couple of years for me to develop and clap my wings.

I have not done yet…

Not even close to what people said a successful life.

I’ve had enough with the tears poured for someone who gave our little family those suffer.

I’ve had enough to deal with U.

enough is enough, dad…


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