I’m not perfect

I’m not perfect

Today was not so bad, I thought..

My boyfriend and I had a very lovely conversation before sleep… I fell asleep while we were talking then he hung the phone up.

He ranged my phone several times in the morning to wake me up, unfortunately the battery had run out.

I woke up with fuzzy feelings and tried to realize of my place. This was ain’t home. This was the rented room.

Phew… I’ve got to get use to that (again)

Suddenly I tried to find my off-phone and recharge it.

All morning what I’ve been thinking is my final project.

It almost cut my nerves.

I’m in pain… I’m in suffer of what I call a suicide project.

I had no idea at all of what I’ve been doing in along these almost 3 months…

My final project was too dynamic. It keeps changing … and it made me crazy.

And the big “Q” is… I don’t have a place to ask. I mean, I’m not so sure about it. I’m losing my grip…

One of an expert I asked said it’s better for me to make the model which my lecturer suggested me to. But then he continues that he had no experience in it. Great. Now I’m trapped. I’ve sent several design to my assistant-advisors through e mail.. but it hadn’t been responded yet. Panic? Yes, I am…

One of my best friend said to me to calm down.. he said that he’ll help me to analyze the system but I guess he already forgot it.

Cliff climbing (Source: http://photos1.fotosearch.com/bthumb/FSB/FSB292/x12980440.jpg)

Now I realize (again) that to climb a cliff, you might need friends to support you… and you need leader to show your path…

but then the struggle is in your hand.

You can not blame others if you suddenly falling down from the cliff because you did not hold the rope tightly..


you can not blame your leader if somehow the peak view is not as beautiful as you imagined before…

This is your life…

live it..

Make it…


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