Orang bilang mimpi itu bunga tidur? tapi mimpi gue semalem jelas banget.. it felt so real…

Hmft.. alhamdulillah cuma mimpi… gak beneran.. so here’s the scene…

Just like in “Inception” movie.. Don’t know how…suddenly I was sitting on a chair.. holding my headache head..

My prince was at my back.. hold me.. he asked whether I was such in pain or not?

I could not talk any longer and got fainted

Suddenly with his big arm he held and lift me up… He brought me to the nearest clinic.

I was such in pain…

At the clinic.

A very nervous young doctor came over me and asked my prince. What had happened with me.

My prince said that I got fainted when I was sitting in the room.

I did not know how and why, he took a needle and try to take my blood sample from my forearm.

He said that it was for the blood test.

I felt anxious and scared of what he has done to my forearm. He could not get my blood sucked into his needle until it wounded and become purplish…but my blood scattered everywhere and it made me more dizzy. I felt like I was going to die, running out of blood…

Suddenly, he went.. and off after him, there was a nurse came and clean the mess.

I got an infusion on my right hand.. and I felt better…

And then the scene changed.

I was in a restaurant and my mother said that my cousin had died. I did not know either what caused her death. It was a mystery.

Until now.. I still could felt his big and warm arm on my back… He’s the one who lift me up… not my real prince… it was someone else…

what’s the sign of it?

Oh God.. I really don’t want to make a mess with my own relationship.

Remember.. it’s only a dream. And a dream will remain as a dream, it ain’t real… wake up and back to the real world…


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