Last night was not a very good evening for me.

While waiting for one of my friend finishing her task, I fell asleep in my friend’s rent room. Around 11 pm, I woken up and went home.

Walk as a drunk girl… arrived home.. get clean and.. no, not fell asleep again.. but.. hardly can not sleep..

I tried to close my eyes and continue my sleep… but I just couldn’t.

Then, I choose to get back to my final project report again… and then stopped when I felt my shoulder to right arm are in cramps.

They’re just got stiffed. I did nothing but tried to lay my back on the bed.

It hurts so much…

And still, I could not sleep.. until 4.30…

I wished I just fell asleep so I won’t have to deal with the pain..

And then God let me sleep at 5.

Awake at 8.

And still got dizzy until now.



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