Sleepless in Bandung

Sleepless in Bandung

I’ve been here for almost 3 weeks…

I came on May 9th… and now it’s 29th…

20 days already.. haven’t seen his face… yet..

I missed him.. so much…

All the things we had..

The laugh, the tears, the argue…

the way he look at me,

the way he hold  me,

the way he touches me..

I miss everything…indeed..

20 days.. in all the great hectic of my final project.

I guess I’ve did my best…

I’ve been sleepless around a week…. I slept, but not in a normal and healthy form..

He was always there… waiting for me..

until these stuff finished..

He was always there.. and I believe he will always there, for me.

thank you mein chatz.. love you even more than ever..

I just wished you were here now..

Although I know that it’s impossible…

You have your own stuff to do…. and I do, too.

Just give me more few days..

to finish them all..

Cause you know.. I’ll come around..

for you..

And I’ll be back in your arms…

to be yours, truthfully.. ^_^

can’t wait for that moment, dear…


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