Living by our own

Living by our own

For Indonesian, keep staying in the nest (family house) before we got married is usual. Not like western people who started to live by their own when they reach 17, or more..

For me, living by our own, live separately from parents although I haven’t married yet is a choice. I prefer to live separately because of my health. Because I care about myself. People said that it’s weird, since I’m still living at the same city…

But not for me. My parents’ house distance to my work place is about 85 km, it took 1 hour by motorcycle to be reached. With my special bone, it’s so torturing.. 🙂

So I decided to rent a house nearby the office to keep myself Ok.. 🙂

At first, I got blank.. I mean, what am I gonna do? I have a house, just all for me… 🙂

But then I think that.. this is my training..

I’m training myself to live alone.. 🙂


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