Time Management

Time Management

time management

I’m not a very punctuate person. That’s why I need some help in this field, time management.I often got overload jobs and sometimes being very busy handling things.. but when I don’t want to do anything, I just put my back laid.. 😛

This morning, I took a quiz in mindtools… and this is my result

You’re on the right track with your productivity efforts, and you probably get your most important work done. However, you could be more productive. Use the productivity techniques and resources outlined below to become more productive and efficient in your daily life.

And this is the key points

No matter how well you’re performing right now, you can almost always improve productivity. When you’re more productive, you contribute strongly to the overall success and profitability of your organization. And it feels good to be in control of your time, and know that you can produce the results that are expected of you.

To be more productive, get organized, have the right attitude, manage information you receive effectively, and actively seek ways to improve your working systems. Taking this approach will help you to increase your personal productivity and effectiveness.

So, berdasarkan hasil quiz di atas… hidup gw dah lumayan produktif… hanya diperlukan sedikit usaha lagi untuk mengorganisir hal-hal yang akan gue kerjakan dan mengevaluasi hasilnya.. Jadi gue bisa tahu, mana hal yang penting untuk gue kerjakan selanjutnya, dan mana yang nggak….

Hm, quite inspiring for today.. have  a nice weekend, guys.. 🙂



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