Thanks God

Thanks God

Thanking God is the easiest thing to say and the hardest part to do.

Y? Because you’ll never say you have something until you lost it.

No offence, I can say that I’m not thanking God right now.. I keep complaining of the bad things happened in my life. Instead, they made me even stronger than before.

Okay, what do you expect from a teacher’s daughter? Have nothing.

I was nothing.

About 5 years ago I was nothing until now.. I’m a thing… sesuatu lah…

5 tahun lalu, siapa yang menyangka tukang bersih-bersih lab bisa mengenyam pendidikan di universitas paling bergengsi di negeri ini?

5 tahun lalu, siapa yang mengira ia pun dianugerahi berkah untuk merasakan hebatnya pendidikan di institut tertua di negeri ini?

ndak ada.

Siapa pun tak akan pernah mengira.

Maka patutlah diriku bersyukur.. atas semua hal yang terjadi

Semua berkah.. teman-teman yang luar biasa… both of my poor and rich dads.. you guys have thought me more than how to dig a diamond…

And my super mom… she is the real hero ever…

Without her.. I’m nothing…

Thank You Allah.. thanks for everything… ^_^



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