A whole new world

This is not a title of a song.

This is about my life.

I promised one of my friend to write every single thing happened in my marriage life. And here it is.

A whole new world.

To be frankly, I am a lazy girl, indeed. Started from December 10th, 2011. I changed. Not under pressure, nor anything. But, pushed by  a tender.. love.. I woke up earlier than usually, about 4.30… made a cup of tea for my boyfriend  husband… yeah, husband… a man whom I put my life and everything on him.

Prepare him some breakfast. Clean the house with him. Tidying up after the yesterday party… all the messy things…

The next day, we moved to the rented house.. And this is where the story goes…

All the beautiful things started to happen.

All the “first things” took place.

Obviously unbelievable.. someone whom I dated for the latest 3 years…

Woke up beside me. Cuddling with him is the best thing ever happened. Cooking him breakfast early in the morning and prepare his lunch in the office.

Clean the house and tidying up while waiting him coming home from work. There’s no chance to feel tired. Because he help me so much. Thankfully, he is really helpful. He made me a glass of milk while I was preparing his clothes…. *so cute, isn’t he?*

my wedding

All of the ‘halal’ hugs and kisses… made me always whispering “come home soon, babe” every time I walk him to the door every morning at 05.00…

Every single thing… is beautiful… ^_^

I know.. this is just the start.. I wrote only the beautiful things.. This is also as a note for me when someday some wave hit our sailing ship… I hope I still have this huge love as it will be… amien. I hope, that he will be always with me.. ^_^


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