I got my self trapped in the same hole.

I can say that I was reasonably awful, ignore the things called tidy, not even can say that tidily…

Today was not so great after all. But has a progress in my household life…

Nothing more to say.

I’ve had enough through it.

Our rented house is not big. but it’s so quite…

I miss a baby cry here… Maybe it’s just not the time.

Maybe we’re just too tired.

I know Allah knows better than we do.

I know…

Deep in my heart I want it so bad

But when I open my eyes and started to see things,

I can see that everyone is expecting that, too.

Especially my friends…

I know that we can not make everyone happy

Ever since, it’s our life…

We can not ask for more.

What I and my husband have is already more than enough. Not to mention all of the bonuses.

But what can I do? I’m just an ordinary human being that can never satisfied with things!

I guess… maybe this is just about time.

Time will answer everything. I believe so.




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