All I have to do is Dream..

All I have to do is Dream..

A song sang by the Everly Brothers…

This is my favourite song when I was in the elementary school… never thought that today I’d search it through you tube and post it here.

Hm, my life is quite ordinary actually, but what’s been happening to me lately is extraordinary indeed.

Such things came up without even I dare to asked to God. Why?

Because I thought Allah had given me so much blessings.. but then He thinks that those things not enough for me, yet..

Then He pour me with another bless of life..

Another amazing path to fulfil my destiny… well, chasing up my childhood dream..

What I’ve been searching for since I was a five-year-old girl…

When I was still bringing my some-faded-small-notebook wherever I was going.. there where I noted all of my silly vocabularies..

When I was still singing English songs with horrible-self-listened lyrics with my big brother…

This baby thing, another scholarship are the most beautiful things in my life…

I don’t bother the result… let Allah do those things for me, again.. ^_^

All I know now is just.. Do the Best.





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