Another brand new phase

Another brand new phase

I try to trace a new phase I’ve been through along these weeks.

April 29th, 3 a.m

I had a self-pregnancy test pack and it shown double red lines, which means…. POSITIVE! ^_^

Although it said 99,9% accurate, my husband and I decided to see the obgyn.

April 30th, Obgyn 1st visit

I went to the hospital to check my condition and make sure whether I’m pregnant yet or not.. 😛

Alhamdulillah, we are blessed.. and there’s a 5-week-year-old fetus in my womb.

May 4th, Sorrow.

I was so tired on the whole week, and my body still adapt with the new “amazing creature” inside… I didn’t reduce my activity at all. Still teaching in both schools, climbed stairs, rode motorcycle by my own. Result: Bleeding.

May 5th, 2nd visit to the obgyn.

Went to the hospital to check the baby’s condition. The doctor said something bad. It remains only 10%. He even offered me to fell it out prematurely. We took NO as an answer. We insist the 10% remains. At least, we still have a hope.

Result:  a week of bed resting.

May 9th, 3rd obgyn visit. Miracle.

Full of fear and hope. We dare ourselves and prepare for all results. My husband keep holding my hands while the doctor came to check me out. Surprisingly, he said that my baby is OK. Although he said, I must do extra careful in moving, and doing my activities. No rushing or walking fastly.

Result: 10 days bed resting.

May 11th, Cravings (a.k.a ngidam)

Never imagine I will experience this one. Never dreamed about any food that felt so tasty and made me drooled. At about 10 pm I said to my husband… I want lontong isi oncom… he said to me to just go to sleep because it’s impossible to buy that kind of food in this middle of the night.. I was almost crying but then he persuaded me… he promised to bought me lontong  tomorrow.


May 13th, Craving for Mang Inasal.

Great, dd is getting naughty. She asked for having dinner in Mang Inasal, Davao City, Philippines… *&*(^*&%*&%^*&!!!!


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