A cyber city

A cyber city

This is not a provocative writing, nor a protest. This is just a confuse for a statement of “a cyber city”

When U heard or read a sentence sounds “A cyber city”, what crosses your mind?

A high, huge buildings around you with all free wi-fi(s) available?

A very sophisticated area which can be ordered by just flipping up hand or a single touch of thumb?

Sounds a little dumb…

This is a slogan which hung by my city…

There’s a slogan at the gate of the city, that sounds like this: “Welcome to Cyber City”

What I see is, this is not a cyber city at all…

Maybe, the people are using expensive gadgets, swiping their tablets everywhere, stuck in their BB’s all the time, or what you can see as a so-much-addict-of-technology.

But in my point, there’s no way of cyber city here.

Well, you still can find wi fi signals in several cafes though, but not much. I mean, there’s no free lunch though… it means the signals aren’t free.

But to earn information in this city is just like hell.

The government loves to noted down some unclear and blur-promising statements, where the people are fed by their fake hopes.

So much hope for the best in reality behind this slogan. I hope. ^_^


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