Life is an adventure

Life is an adventure

Copying a tagline of milk brand in our national TV. When this sentence passes on my mind, I thought this is true.

I mean, life is an adventure.

It started when you are just a bunch of flesh and blood, developed into a creature called fetus… grow even more became a baby, born to the world, became an infant, grow as a pre teenager, teenager, then mature.. and waiting for a time when God call U. Death.

People said that life is short. Sometimes you didn’t even realize how fast time flies. Several events came to our life until they changing forms.

And what we do? Are we just waiting? I don’t think so. Sometimes on our way in our life, we often fell over and rise again.

We’re just like an infant who are always try to stand up when we fell off.

It’s a human nature.

All I wanna say is just, life is an adventure. And it’s our right to choose, to live it to the fullest… or just through it without any passion and waiting for “our time”

Happy weekend, all. Enjoy 🙂


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