Today, 2 years ago

Today, 2 years ago

Hari ini, genap usia pernikahan kami yang kedua….

So far, so good… I can tell U that he’s the greatest man I’ve ever met.

He brought laugh, happiness, tears (sometimes,haha). but overall, he’s so perfect for me the imperfect… 🙂

jo te quiero tanto, papa… :X

I believe he’d laugh when he read this post… Well, I’ve got so less time for now on to finish this one.

He taught me to be patient, taught me to be a real woman, a lovely mother and a great wife. He taught me everything. He even taught me how to be a better teacher… 🙂

Without him, I’m nothing. Truly nothing.

I love U, sayang… thank you for being with me within the last two years… can’t wait for other years to come, babe…



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