Our 2nd anniversary

Our 2nd anniversary

10 Desember 2013.

Tepat 2 tahun setelah kalimat ijab kabul diucapkannya sebagai tanda ikrar untuk meminang saya menjadi istrinya, penggenap separuh dien-nya. Bahagia? pasti. Sedih? pasti juga.

Life won’t be more colorful when U attached your life on someone. It’s so interesting to see my own transformation.

Me, the so-damn-selfish girl now is a wife of a super-patient husband and a mother of an incredible baby boy.

I don’t think you can take care of our future children” he said so in the middle of one of our dates.

Dengan cuek dan tanpa beban, I said “So what? we don’t have any, YET. So why bother? Stop sweating for things that haven’t happened yet…

Jujur, saya lupa dengan penggalan pembicaraan kami kala itu… but on our 2nd anniversary, he reminded me that. Plus, he said sorry for saying those words…. He told me that his worry was a nonsense. 😛

I might not be a good mother, but I always try to did my best for our beloved baby. Although I can’t cook, I cook for our baby’s meal everyday. I set the menu, do his laundry, rode and pick him up from baby daycare, and… the most marvelous thing… I’m breastfeeding our baby.

I know it’s a normal thing. It’s an usual thing. Every mother will do those things for her baby. But for me, it’s awesome. I was a super selfish and lazy girl.

Who changed me? Our marriage. If I can tell, my beloved husband. He taught me everything. He is my mirror. He’s my shoulder to cry on. He’s my man. He’s my strength when I’m losing my grips.

He’s my everything. Love U, papa Asa… thank you for always being there…


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