Titik Balik

Titik Balik

Post #30

Pernah dengar dua kata itu, kan?

Titik dimana kita berputar balik, titik dimana kita merasa bahwa enough is enough.

Banyak hal yang terjadi belakangan ini bikin gue mikir sih, sebenernya.

What is my life meant to be?

I know it’s kinda pathetic to admit that I have no clue about this whole life. 

Although, I still have another anchor. My beloved son, Asaboy. 

All I want to do is the best for him. To keep my insanity while juggling with this life. 

All of the betrayal, neglect, disloyalty and every pain occured in my life.

This is the end. 

This is the moment when I took the responsibility to rule my own life. To add more joy and happiness, not driven by others, not even my mom, or anyone else whom I put my life on him/ her.

This is the moment when I’m singin “It’s my life” with a very loud and confident voice. 

I am the author, of my book of life. Welcome. Please make yourself comfort as my guest. 🙂




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